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The Certified Manager Animal Resources (CMAR) certification program is designed to raise competency and professionalism in the field of Animal Resources Management. The CMAR designation involves a series of four examinations: three exams arranged via an organization called the Institute for Certified Professional Managers (ICPM), and the Animal Resources Exam offered by AALAS. Obtaining the CMAR designation is a sign of professionalism in the field of animal resources management.

ICPM is offering Administrative Management Society Foundation (AMS Foundation) scholarships for CM certification. Email for more information.

In order to maintain their CMAR designation, CMAR recipients will have biannual requirements of a re-certification fee and a specified number of continuing education credits.

Below is a general overview of the management certification process. For complete program information, download the CMAR Handbook.

Certified Manager (CM) Exams
The first three exams for Certified Manager (CM) are administered by ICPM. The CM exams are Management Skills I: Foundations of Management; Management Skills II: Planning and Organizing; and Management Skills III: Leading and Controlling. CMAR candidates must apply to ICPM to take the CM exams. An application may be downloaded from the ICPM web site, or you may contact them by e-mail (, phone (540-568-3247).

ICPM provides three printed study manuals and an online learning center to facilitate preparation for the CM exams. The study manuals can be ordered from ICPM by phone or fax. An order form can be downloaded at

More information about the CM exams is available in the CMAR Handbook.

Eligibility Requirements
Effective May 21, new eligibility requirements were approved. Candidates may apply under one of the following criteria:

Education Level
Total Work Experience
Total Managerial Experience
5 years
3 years
8 years
3 years
10 years
3 years


Candidates meeting these requirements who pass the Animal Resources Exam and the CM exams will achieve the status of a Certified Manager of Animal Resources and will be able to use the CMAR acronym after their names.

CMAR Maintenance Form for 15-Month Program Deadline
All CMAR candidates must pass the Animal Resources exam and apply to ICPM within 15 months of submitting the application to AALAS. For those candidates who applied prior to November 1, 2002, this 15-month deadline was implemented starting January 1, 2005. Within the 15-month period, candidates may retake the AR Exam as often as can be arranged and will not lose their eligibility if they fail to pass the AR exam. To retake an exam, candidates must submit a new application with the full exam fee payment.

Candidates who have not successfully passed the AR exam and applied to ICPM within the 15-month period must submit a maintenance form and pay a maintenance fee ($25) to extend their deadline by another 15 months.

Candidates who fail to meet the deadline and who do not submit an eligibility maintenance form and fee are dropped from the CMAR Program and may reapply at a later date*. All candidates dropped from the program who have passed the Animal Resources Exam lose their exam score and must retake the Animal Resources Exam at the full application and exam fees at the time of reapplication to the CMAR program.

*Grandfathered candidates who originally applied to the CMAR program prior to November 2002 and did not hold a bachelor’s degree will not lose their eligibility if they are dropped from the CMAR program and can reapply to the CMAR program under original eligibility requirements.

Overview of the Animal Resources Exam
The Animal Resources Exam measures the candidate's knowledge of and skills in resource allocation, management, regulations and compliance, and issues relating to the laboratory animal field. The exam tests your knowledge and competence in the following topic areas:

  • Animal Husbandry, Health and Welfare (15%)
  • Facility Administration and Management (30%)
  • Human Resource Management (10%)
  • Research and compliance (45%)


Animal Resource Exams Scheduled
LAMA/ATA Meeting
Fire Sky Resort & Spa Scottsdale, AZ 
April 11, 2014
 8 am, Frio Rm
Quad Symposium (AR exam only) Mohegan Conference Center, Uncasville, CT May 2, 2014 1 pm
Tri Branch Symposium Atlantic City Convention Center, 4th Floor, Atlantic City, NJ

June 9, 2014: AR workshop
June 11, 2014: 9 a.m. AR exam

AALAS National Meeting
San Antonio, TX
October 23, 2014, 8 am


The exam is composed of 150 questions that are organized in three categories:

  • Knowledge-based. Knowledge-based questions tap into basic areas where the manager should be expected to have learned either (a) in day-to-day business activities or (b) through reference books including the CMAR reference materials.
  • Analytical. Analytical questions go beyond basic knowledge to test if the manager understands causes and relationships, and can translate information from one mode (e.g., graph) to another (e.g., statement of economic prediction). Analytical skill is regarded as an important skill in the performance of management duties.
  • Decision-making. Decision-making questions refer to “real-world” situations for finding a solution to a problem. Decision-making usually requires a combination of knowledge and analytical skills to determine the best solution.

Study Materials
The CMAR Reference List includes readings that provide in-depth coverage of the topics covered by the Animal Resources Exam. The CMAR Reference List may be altered and expanded by the CMAR Committee at any time without notice. The certification test item data bank is not static; new questions are added on a continual basis and this list is adjusted as needed.

Familiarity with the publications listed does not guarantee that an individual will pass the Animal Resources Exam. To obtain any of the publications in this list contact a bookseller, the publisher or the AALAS office. Government publications can be located on the Internet. AALAS packages the reference materials from this list in a CMAR Resource Kit available for purchase through the AALAS Bookstore.

  • The Guide to Care and Use of Laboratory Animals
  • Animal Welfare Act, Regulations, Standards
  • Public Policy on Humane Care & Use of Lab Animals
  • AVMA Guidelines for the Euthanasia of Animals: 2013 Edition
  • Occupational Health & Safety in Care & Use of Research Animals
  • Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee Guide
  • Management of Laboratory Animal Care and Use Programs
  • Managing the Laboratory Animal Facility, Second Edition
  • CMAR Handbook

How to Apply
The Animal Resources Exam is offered only as paper-and-pencil exams at select meetings. Complete and submit the application form along with all requested documentation and fees. After receiving and processing the application and appropriate fees, the AALAS office will notify applicants of eligibility status.

Please note!

  • CMAR candidates must submit a CMAR application form and fees to AALAS before the specified deadline for each meeting.
  • Candidates need not complete their CM certification before they sit for the Animal Resources Exam at these meetings. CMAR certification will not be conferred on an individual until all 4 exams are taken and passed.
  • All education and work experience eligibility requirements must be met to qualify to take the Animal Resources Exam.

Financial Assistance
If you are in need of financial assistance for the CMAR program, check out these opportunities:

Administrative Management Society scholarships
LAMA Foundation scholarships

Upcoming Animal Resources Training Session and Exam Dates
The Animal Resources Exam is currently available as a pencil-and-paper exam at scheduled venues. Contact the AALAS office for more information about these exam dates or to arrange an Animal Resources Exam at your facility.

CMAR Listserve
We have launched a listserve for the CMAR program. The purpose of this listserve will be link those who have earned their CMAR, are preparing for the CMAR exams, or are thinking about applying. This email community will give people a chance to learn about the steps involved with applying and taking the CMAR exams and, of course, it will offer members the opportunity to ask questions of others CMAR candidates or CMARs in the field.

If you are interested in joining, simply send an email to with “SUBSCRIBE CMARLINK Yourfirstname Yourlastname” in the message body. Once enrolled, all you need to do to post a message on the listserve is send your message to

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