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American Association for Laboratory Animal Science
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American Association for Laboratory Animal Science
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American Association for Laboratory Animal Science
American Association for Laboratory Animal Science
American Association for Laboratory Animal Science
American Association for Laboratory Animal Science

American Association for Laboratory Animal Science
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Laboratory animal technicians are an essential part of the research team and provide compassionate attention to the animals in their care. AALAS is committed to technicians and offers them a variety of products and services to help them excel in their jobs.


TechLink is an electronic mailing list (listserve) created especially for animal care technicians in the field of laboratory animal science. More information on TechLink is available in the Listserves section.

Laboratory Animal Science Professional (LAS Pro)

LAS Pro is a quarterly publication focusing on current information and technology of interest to technicians and all members of the research team. More information on LAS Pro is available in the Publications section.

AALAS National Meeting

There are three technician-oriented events at the AALAS National Meeting: The Technician Fun Fair, the Hunter lecture, and the Technician Lunch & Learn. The Technician Fun Fair is an educational, fun event for technicians held each year during the AALAS National Meeting. This event focuses on a set of questions about AALAS, the AALAS National Meeting, and technical questions from numerous exhibiting companies located in the Exhibit Hall. The Tech Fair is an exciting way for technicians to expand their animal care knowledge and meet techs from other facilities across the country.

Everyone competing in the Tech Fair will receive a variety of surprises and a certificate of completion worth 4 CEUs toward the AALAS Technician Certification Registry. There will be drawings made for a variety of prizes for those scoring 80% or better on their exam and those making 95% or higher will receive special recognition ribbons.

The Hunter lecture held each year at the AALAS National Meeting has laboratory animal technicians as its focus. Dr. Charles Hunter, a past president of AALAS, was a strong supporter of technician education and training. A fund was developed for technician-oriented educational opportunities, and this lecture was created. The topics and speakers vary each year and may be linked to another round table discussion or seminar. Technicians of all levels are encouraged to attend.

The newest event for technicians at the AALAS National Meeting, the Technician Lunch & Learn provides a relaxed and casual environment for technicians to learn a variety of new things while enjoying lunch with technicians from other facilities. The "learn" portion of the two-hour session will vary from year to year, but technicians can always be assured of useful and worthwhile topics relating directly to the needs of technicians.

First Timers Presentation

AALAS Learning Library

The AALAS Learning Library (ALL) is an online learning platform that features courses in a variety of subjects related to lab animal science, including courses based on the technician certification training manuals. Courses in ALL will have an assigned CEU value for completing a course and passing the exam. Your transcript will track the CEUs you earn to maintain your status in the AALAS Technician Certification Registry!

AALAS Technician Certification Program and Registry

The AALAS Technician Certification Program was developed to recognize professional achievement and provide an authoritative endorsement of a technician’s level of competence in laboratory animal technology.

The demand for fully trained, competent animal care technicians in the field of laboratory animal science will greatly increase as the need for more medical and scientific advances arises. AALAS certification is the highest recognition for technicians in the laboratory animal science profession. The AALAS Technician Certification program is described in detail in the Technician Certification Handbook.

A visible distinction of personal achievement and professional dedication, the AALAS Technician Certification Registry recognizes technicians who maintain high educational standards and choose to maintain a current, credible level of knowledge.  Registry members are distinguished by an "R" preceding their certification level acronym. See the Technician Certification page for more information on these programs.

International Laboratory Animal Technician Week
Tech Week Recognition Items

During the 1999 AALAS National Meeting in Indianapolis, the CTA created a National Laboratory Animal Technician Week in honor of AALAS’ 50th year of existence. Approved by the AALAS Board of Trustees, this annual celebration recognizes laboratory animal technicians for their essential contributions as members of the research team. Because of its success, it was expanded in 2002 and renamed the International Laboratory Animal Technician Week, allowing technicians from around the world to participate in the event. AALAS and the International Council for Laboratory Animal Science (ICLAS) work together to acknowledge technicians for their roles in the biomedical/biological research field. Special items of recognition for technicians are available at the AALAS National Meeting each year and from the AALAS Bookstore.

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Participating Organizations

Committee on Technician Awareness and Development

The Committee on Technician Awareness Development (CTAD) was designed to provide technicians with an active voice in AALAS. The CTAD’s goals are to:

  • Establish initiatives at AALAS specifically geared to enhance technicians’ roles.
  • Recognize technicians as one of the most important assets of the national organization.
  • Develop technician programs and encourage participation at the AALAS National Meeting.
  • Encourage technicians to take an active role in all AALAS activities, meetings, and publications at the national, district, and branch levels.
  • Provide information and support to laboratory animal technicians through the Technician Branch Representative (TBR) Network. Serving as a vital support network, the CTAD is a professional and personal resource for laboratory animal technicians.

The AAALAC International Fellowship Award

This award is presented by AAALAC International through a grant by Priority One Services, Inc. (POS) and in cooperation with the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS), the Institute of Animal Technology (IAT), the Medical Research Council (MRC), and the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

The AAALAC International Fellowship recognizes two outstanding Registry participants each year, one IAT Registered (RAnTech) technologist and one AALAS Registered (RALAT, RLAT, RLATG, or CMAR), who have made (or have the potential to make) significant contributions to the field of laboratory animal care and use. The award is intended to promote and reward the efforts of technicians who have demonstrated a commitment to a career in laboratory animal science and have shown a strong interest in attaining additional education and training to become more proficient in their vocation. The candidates nominated for this prestigious award must be either AALAS (RALAT, RLAT, RLATG, or CMAR) Registered or IAT Registered (RAnTech at Membership or Fellowship level).

Nomination package deadline for AALAS members: October 1. More information here.

The TBR Network

As an essential part of the CTAD, the Technician Branch Representative (TBR) network fosters an indispensable connection between national AALAS and laboratory animal technicians who work in the field. Responsible for delivering information about AALAS national programs and activities, TBRs remain in close contact with district committee members.

Technician Information CD

Included in TBRs’ responsibilities are:

  • Sharing technicians’ activities, ideas, and suggestions.
  • Assisting technicians in promoting biomedical research on a local basis.
  • Providing technicians with professional opportunities and strategies.
  • Encouraging technician participation in AALAS at a local and national level.
  • Requesting technicians’ articles for AALAS publications.

Technician Branch Representatives must be AALAS national members and dedicated branch members who are able to attend meetings and conduct CTAD business. TBRs are appointed to three-year, renewable terms.

Through the hard work and effort of the CTAD and its TBR network, AALAS offers laboratory animal technicians a variety of opportunities.

Contact AALAS to learn more about the CTAD and the TBR network.

Help Your TBR Receive a Special Award!

Technician Branch Representatives (TBRs) are a vital part of the Committee on Technician Awareness & Development (CTAD). TBRs share technicians' activities, ideas, and suggestions; help them promote biomedical research on a local basis; provide them with professional opportunities and strategies; encourage them to participate in AALAS at a local and national level; and request technicians' articles for AALAS publications. In short, they provide a valuable connection between national AALAS and technicians in the field.

The TBR who demonstrates outstanding performance above all others will be the winner of the AALAS TBR Recognition Award. The award consists of a complimentary AALAS National Meeting registration, a complimentary hotel room, plus an additional $150 in travel funds and reimbursement of airfare up to $500. To qualify, TBRs must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Active involvement in local AALAS branch activities (attends branch meetings, places articles in branch newsletter, etc.)
  • Participation in TBR network (maintains regular contact with other TBRs, maintains contact with district CTAD rep, etc.)
  • Participation in CTAD activities at all levels (promotes Tech Week within their branch, volunteers at CTAD booth at National Meeting, participates in CTAD events at National Meeting, etc.)
  • Participation in additional programs, such as public service, outside of AALAS

Nominations are accepted from any AALAS branch member, a member of the AALAS branch's board of directors or the district's CTAD representative. If you have a TBR in your branch who you feel has shown an exemplary job performance, please nominate him/her by using the "TBR Recognition Award" nomination form html.

Deadline for the "TBR Recognition Award" nomination submission is July 1. The final vote will be determined by a subcommittee of the CTAD.

2013 Winner
Matthew Taylor, Michigan Branch
Past Winners
2012 Audry Harris, Northern Rocky Mt. Branch
2011 Verda A Davis, Kentucky Branch
2010 Jose Espinal, New Jersey Branch
2009 Lisa Panchella, Delaware Valley Branch
2008 Michael Etheridge, Central Ohio Branch
2007 Kathy Laster, Kentucky Branch
2006 Ted Plemons, National Capitol Area Branch
2005 Jillann Rawlins, Oregon Branch
2004 Jenny Arvizu, Palms to Pines
  Tina Fay, Mile High Branch
  Lori Weaver, Texas Branch
2003 Jane Criswell, Arizona Branch
  Barbara Dennis, Louisiana Branch
  Carolyn Guajardo, San Diego Branch
2002 Roland Anderson, Oregon Branch
  Bonnie Lemos, Northern California Branch
  Charlie Schmieder, Arkansas Branch
2001 Margaret Potter, Central Pennsylvania
2000 Jamieson Greaver, Texas Branch
1999 Catherine Luke, Michigan Branch






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